Greener Dallas

Dallas’ Grow South initiative has to Grow Green
Twenty, 30 or even 40 years ago, I would have never imagined playing in or living along the Trinity River.  But today, we all can.  And it’s only going to get better.

Why?  The City of Dallas is embracing its greenspaces like never before. And hopefully, done trying to tame them.  It’s taken over 100 years of plans, education, understanding – as well as grandstanding to get here.  Our city’s leaders and planners have begun to recognize that our Blackland Prairie, Trinity Basin wetlands and one-of-a-kind ecosystems should not be destroyed in the name of progress, but preserved in the name of it.

Right now, the city of Dallas has the opportunity to turn our Trinity River floodplain and surrounding forests into National Park quality. And that thrills me to the core.

Why am I so passionate about where Dallas is headed?
I’m a true Dallas native. Born and raised in Oak Cliff.  And I intend to stay here.  With that comes a commitment to help protect our city’s natural beauty, the elements of Dallas that will outlive us all.  That commitment entails:

  • Building commercial and community awareness of the benefits our greenspaces bring to the city of Dallas and the DFW metroplex.
  • Stepping forward to champion the greater Trinity River greenbelt and Great Trinity Forest with the care, oversight, and protection they need and deserve.
  • Sharing and informing just how precious our greenspaces are.

“Our city is blessed with nature on a scale that few urban areas in the world can come close to. It is time to commit to nature in a more meaningful way. Who will step forward to champion the greater Trinity River greenbelt and Great Trinity Forest with the care, oversight and protection they need and deserve?  I will.”

I invite you to follow my upcoming blogs. They will include links to must-read articles, my findings in Dallas’ progress and commitment to our treasured greenspaces. I look forward to celebrating our city’s future.