For live phone references, please reach out to Kristi (214.676.5580 or for reference contact information.

Dr. Thornwell (Tripp) H. Parker III
Mohs Surgeon & Plastic Surgeon
In the nearly seven years of working with Kristi, her MBA and background in Marketing proved invaluable.

Kristi’s marketing expertise exceeded my expectations. At her own initiative, she recommended separating our skin cancer practice from our medical spa business. This transition required a marketing director and digital expert to champion an interactive agency search, branding, logo development, websites, integrated marketing plan, and budget. She managed the agency during the rebranding, website construction of Elevate Medical Spa, construction of our new med spa, as well as the makeover of our original website, Skin Cancer Consultants. During the launch of the medical spa, Kristi oversaw photo shoots at both office locations, social media, and two large grand opening events.

As our family’s private business manager, Kristi worked with our financial planner, CPA and attorneys, keeping track of our personal finances and budgets, as well as helping oversee three significant home remodel projects. We were able to take full advantage of her construction knowledge, meticulous organizational skills and attention to detail on multiple large projects over these many years.

Regarding her personal traits, Kristi is always full of positive energy, fun, friendly, enthusiastic, loyal, helpful, incredibly hardworking, organized, and always says yes to any task or challenge. If I had to focus on one special quality, I would say Kristi has a very unique ability to push projects through and get things done that makes her invaluable. I cannot say enough about Kristi.

Julie Richie
Owner/Founder – Chief Storyteller at Cinch Communications
I’ve worked closely with Kristi on many client projects and am constantly impressed with her keen sensitivity to individual needs and situations, her upbeat, positive personality and her ability to identify strategic opportunities for her clients. Her ability to juggle multiple tasks and client relationships while managing the successful implementation of diverse projects on deadline is admirable. She has big ideas that add value to businesses and she never stops learning and staying up-to-date on current trends and best practices.

Webb Bierbrier
Former employee, Head Bank Freelance Advertising

Head of Communications, American Heart Association / American Stroke Association
Kristi has a keen eye for identifying market opportunities. She launched Head Bank Freelance Advertising — the first creative outsource agency of its kind — whose senior creative talent was coveted by top Advertising Agencies in the Southwest. Thus a trend began.

I worked alongside Kristi managing Head Bank for four years and respect her unique blend of creativity, business savvy and attention to detail. Kristi has an uncanny ability to develop the people around her while never losing sight of serving and exceeding the high-demand needs of her agency clientele.

I would love the opportunity to work with Kristi again on any project.

Rod Underhill
Principal, The Richards Group

Dori Budd
Owner, M. P. Books
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Liza Orchard
Mocktail Party
reference-by-liza-orchardBlake Estess
Worked for The Blake Estess Family
Wallace Capital Management
It is rare to find as competent, responsible and trustworthy a professional as Kristi. For seven years she managed financial transactions, bill tracking and paying, tax preparation, forensic accounting, and comprehensive yearly financial analysis with little or no direction. As a busy professional myself who is often traveling, her assistance was invaluable. I especially appreciate her multi-tasking skills, her attention to detail and her highly effective presentation techniques. But what really sets Kristi apart is her devotion to her clients and her affable personality, which makes her a genuine pleasure to work with.

Bob Hughes, Ph.D
Worked for The Elizabeth and Bob Hughes Family as well as Dr. Hughes’ psychology practice
Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Robert R. Hughes, Ph.D
When Kristi began working for our family and my business in 2008 we had young children and were both working professionals with a deep commitment to community involvement. With little direction, she walked in the door, figured out where we were and completely organized our financial and business lives. This allowed us to focus on our passions. We had been lost without her! She came up with solutions to complex situations, presented them professionally and advocated on our behalf. Through multiple life transitions, Kristi worked with our CPAs, other family bookkeepers, and many vendors: while our home was under construction, when we moved to a different city, had tenants, sold our home, and as our children grew into their own homes. Whenever a challenge arose, Kristi maintained a positive attitude and persevered. She took over my business management and was able to integrate my family’s financial needs with my business. Kristi kept our family and my office on course and headed in the right direction.

Kirby Warnock
Editor/Writer for TESTED: How Twelve Wrongly Accused Men Held Onto Hope
I had the privilege of working with Kristi on a custom publication for a large firm in Dallas, TX. She was the project manager and was always on top of the deadlines and milestones. Because of her leadership, we completed everything on time and within budget to the client’s satisfaction. I am proud to recommend her.